Freestyle Frisbee Links

Roger’s Favorite Freestyle Frisbee Links

**Personal Favorites !!


Roger & Rodney Worlds 2007 Semis

**Bud Light Freestyle Frisbee Team At ’87 World

Deaton Mitchell and Jim Schmall – 1986 Worlds

Joey Hudoklin and Crazy John Brooks – 1986 Worlds

Rob Fried and Peter Laubert NYC 1987

Rob, Randy and Doug 2007 VA States

Daniel O’Neill and Randy in VA 2012

2000 FPAW- Pairs Champions – Randy Silvey- Dan Yarnell

1993 FPAW Pairs Champions – Mikey Reid/Jonathan Willett

2009 FPAW Winner Coop Leitner/Coddington/Silvey

FPAW Pairs Champions – Gary Auerback/Brian McElwain

Commercials and other Pro VideosReturn to Top

Turkish Ice Cream with Claudio Cigna

Turkish Music Video with Claudio Cigna

**Nike Commercial

Intro to “Book of Cool” with Tommy Schiller and O’Malley

City Frisbee Commercial

Snickers Commercial

Jeep Mountain

**1980 Japanese Video Short – Fun with yours truly

Love at First Flight – Trailer for unmade move from the 80’s

Trailer for The Invisible String

Trick Frisbee Shots

DemosReturn to Top

Cigna CollerĂ  Gaddoni Sanna Demo – 2008

Neon Freestyle Boguslaw Bul and Hartmut Wahrmann – 2007

Flying Aces

Peter Jepsen Demo – 1991?

InstructionalReturn to Top

Lessons from Toddy Braduer – many more on Expert Village

Throwing lesson from Zen video – Learn from Krae

Classic Nail Delay Lesson

Gags and other funny stuffReturn to Top

**Killer Russian Somersault Catch

**Broken Frisbee – Joey cracks frisbee, and we all crack up

Table Spin Action – HiJinks

Wall Fun – Odd but cool

Jamming Vids – Return to Top

**Mikey Reid – Tommy – Skippy – In a word, AWESOME

Joey Hudoklin and Dave Murphy at Seattle Worlds 2010

Classic Joey and Rob in WSP from 2004

Doug, Joey Rob in Bandshell from 2004

Relentless Freestyle- 2000

NYC Sheep Meadow Jam – 2009

NYC Bandshell Jam – 2009

**NYC Bandshell Jam – 0:30 – Ted meet Cujo

Personal Video ProjectsReturn to Top

Classic Joey Files

Book of Cool Intro 2008 Leitner, Schiller and O’Malley

Washing Square Wizards – Ted Oberhaus, John Dwork and Chris Ryan

**Frisbeer Catch Collectio – 2009

**Flying in the rain – From Tokyo

Fabio Tricks in a room

Fabio does Gitis

More Fabio

Gary and Brian Frisbee Show

Beach Jamming from Florida Jammers Ladder – 2007

ClassicsReturn to Top

1975 World Frisbee Championships: Freestyle

**Floating Free – The Art of Frisbee

Coloradicals 1985 Worlds

Velasquez Brothers – 1983

Coloradicals Rosebowl 1980

Frisbee Commercial

**Joey H – Best Tipping Combo Ever

CHANNELSReturn to Top

Chuck Kuske – NY Jamming

Lots from FPAW 2009

Relentless Freestyle

Arthur Coddington

Blip TV

Shane Smith’s Favorites

Tommy Leitner

Robert Fried

Fabio Sanna


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